Letter Formations & Phonic Preparation

Letter Families

Edco Handwriting introduces letters in letter families:


Book A Pre-cursive

c          o          a          d          g

j          i           r          n          m        h          b          p

l           t           f           k          s          e

u          y          v          w         x          z

Book A Cursive

c            o          a          d          g          q

e           l           h          b          f           k

i            t           j           n          m        p

r           s          z          v          u          w         y          x         

Book B Pre-cursive 

C          O         Q         G

L           F          E          T          I           J

H          K          N         M

P          B          R          D         U

 A          V         W        Y          X          S          Z

Book B Cursive

C          A         O         Q         D

P          B          R          E          L

S          G         N         M        H         K

I           J           T          F          Z

All the digital resources are available via https://app.edcohandwriting.ie/
You can also access all resources via the ebook on www.edcolearning.ie.

Phonetic Preparation

Edco Handwriting is phonetically prepared so that children at every level can read what they are writing. The books include practice of:

  • CVC words, Word Families (Book A)
  • CVC words, Word Families, Simple Vowel Digraphs (Book B)
  • Word Families, Sentences including vowel digraphs, magic e words, initial and final consonant blends (Book C)
  • Vowel Digraphs, Sentences including initial and final consonant blends, double consonants, magic e words (Book D)
  • Silent Letters, Double Consonants, Vowel Digraphs (Book E)
  • Silent Letters, Word Endings, Vowel Digraphs (Book F)